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Waterfowl Hunts In Western Maryland



K-N-D Guide Service is licensed by the State of Maryland as Waterfowl Outfitters. And to insure you the best hunt possible we do all the guiding and make all the arrangements for your hunts. We have over 30 years of hunting and guiding waterfowl hunters. We have hunted from the Eastern Shores of Maryland to the swamps and marshes of North Carolina's Currituck Sound to the plains of South Dakota, swamps & rice fields of Louisiana
as well as Saskatchewan, Canada in pursuit of waterfowl. We offer fully guided waterfowl hunts in Western Maryland, and we hunt all counties west of Frederick County. We have the advantage of hunting both the resident ducks and geese in the early season, then when the weather gets cold we have the advantage of both resident and migrating waterfowl.

We strive to give you the best hunt possible and  do extensive preseason scouting before the season opens and scout most every day we are not hunting. We hunt both fields and the Potomac River and it's tributaries for both ducks and geese, we do have a few private ponds and streams where we will also hunt. For our field hunts we have over 100 full body Big Foot goose decoys along with a couple dozen shells. We also have 6 Avery Pro Finisher layout blinds we use in among the goose decoys to hide us and to bring the geese right into the spread.

In our early season goose hunts we will be hunting both the Potomac River & freshly harvest corn fields where the action will be fast & furious as the geese will be eager to get to the newly harvest fields. For our early duck hunts we will be hunting mostly the Potomac River for Mallards, Wood Ducks and Mergansers which are common in our area and lots of fun to shoot at !!! I say fun to shoot at because these guys can fly really fast and more are missed than actually hit. When it gets cold then we get the best of both worlds we still have our resident ducks and geese plus when the migration starts we see along with the Mallards and Mergansers Black Ducks, Wigeon, Red Head, Bufflehead, Gadwall and Common Scaup. We have shot ducks & geese banded from the Eastern Canadian Providences as well as New York and Minnesota as well as plenty of locally banded geese.  Our banded Ducks have come from New York State as well as Ontario, Canada we have also killed ducks banded by Hunt Clubs in South Carolina.

September 22, 2014
Scott & Herb with the results of their hunt with
K-N-D Guide Service.
Scott came all the way from Georgia to hunt with us
and they ended up with 13 Early Season Resident Geese.


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